The Kā Tū Te Taniwha – Ka Ora Te Tangata Programme involves collaboration between Ngāti Rangiwewehi, GNS Science, and Bay of Plenty Regional Council. The two primary objectives of the Ka Tu Te Taniwha Programme are:

  • to combine technical, scientific and Mātauranga-a-iwi information for the Awahou groundwater catchment into an integrated data repository and knowledge resource;
  • and to allow Ngāti Rangiwewehi to incorporate traditional knowledge and understanding of cultural significance to inform and plan for future freshwater development in the Awahou catchment.

Scientific and matauranga-a-iwi Information collated from the Awahou Catchment has been presented in project reports. This information will be uploaded and presented on this online portal to be freely accessible by the project collaborators.

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The materials collection contains articles, e.g. the project report, further pictures and videos as well tabular data of project-related datasets.
The data viewer is an integrated data viewer to explore and visualise project-related datasets through, for example, maps. Links on the data pop-ups link back to the materials provided under the materials links, where e.g. the project report, further pictures and videos are made accessible.